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Having a combined experience of decades in architecture and multiple design disciplines with clients worldwide, our design bureau offers you expertise and quality. We invite you to join our journey, to create healthier and better spaces in harmony with nature and humanity.

Our primary concern is the fast-changing climate and the harm caused to our planet, the one we can not accept to lose. Unfortunately, the building industry is one of the most polluting and harmful industries. A significant change has to happen here and now. 

At Bureau Design Studio, we want to be a part of the solution. Our goal is to use our knowledge and experience to make built surroundings better for humans and nature and be more ecologically conscious in our decision-making process. 

Many new buildings must be built to answer the growing demand, but what about existing ones? We see the tremendous importance of retrofitting them, making them relevant, prolonging their life span, improving their performance, and bringing joy to the people who use them. We want to help our clients while keeping existing buildings and materials they are made of away from landfills and decay. 

That's why our services today concentrate explicitly on interior design. We love turning dated and unusable spaces into gems. We are thrilled to bring new life into spaces that, for many years, were not serving the needs of their owners and users. We feel that educating our clients about possible design options and their impacts is essential, and it helps them make conscious decisions and enjoy the spaces even more and for longer.




polina broitman

Polina is an Israeli architect with vast experience in planning and designing spaces. She holds a BArch degree from Tel Aviv University and BA in Political Science. Her works have been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions, including the 2014 exhibition in the "Architect's House" (Tel-Aviv), featured in the prestigious project book of the "Marvin - Window & Doors" company. She advises on green construction projects under the certification of the Israeli Standards Institute and the Center for Green Construction and, in 2014, was named as one of the leading Israeli architects in the "40 under 40" rating.



yulia alba

Yulia is a professional designer with extensive experience spanning several areas. Initially trained as a graphic designer, she built an incredibly successful career in this domain but hasn't restricted her interests just to graphics. She has always been interested in architecture and interior design and designed her first houses while still a student. She continued collaborating with architects and participated in many joint projects throughout her career. In parallel to running her business, Yulia started a design faculty at Negev College of Technology (Israel),  where she served as a lecturer and a dean for ten years. Nowadays, Yulia lives in Melbourne (Australia), where she continues designing beautiful interiors, as well as teaching art to kids and adults at her private school, "stArt".



Dr Con Alba

Constantin is an entrepreneur and business manager with over 20 years of experience. He started and managed businesses across a variety of industries, such as entertainment,  hospitality, graphic design, software development, education and more. He lived and worked in Ukraine, Israel, the USA, Spain, and Australia. In addition to managing businesses, Constantin also is a University lecturer. He shares his experience and teaches international university students across several management disciplines: entrepreneurship, marketing, and operations.

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